Action and Financing Plan

In Cameroon :

1. The first priority is the equipment of the essentials for the facility, so that the children and can feel safe .
2. The facility is intended to maintain a constant care of the residents.
3. The construction of a well is essential.
4. Only after the first three points have been achieved, can the possibility of education, health promotion and microcredit be established.

In Switzerland:

1. Socialize (churches, schools, institutions, etc. )
2. Announcement of the project at all levels
3. Soliciting for sponsorships.
4. Raising awareness on current poverty situation in West and Central Africa.

Sources of finance at different levels:

1. Establishing the possibility of sponsorship for individual children
2. Membership contributions in the association
3. Sponsorship
4. Fundraisers
5. Events with various institutions (school, Catholic Church, etc.)
6. Sales of all kinds