Location and Target Group


Cameroon lies at the crossroads of Central and West Africa. With an area of ​​475’439 km2, it is about one and a half times the size of Germany.

The population of Cameroon is divided into more than 200 different ethnic groups , which are characterized respectively by different culture, religion, tradition, and according to many , clearly distinguishable from each other languages. Cameroon is inhabited relatively dense for a Central African country. The country has an estimated 16 million people.

Currently, the home of many street children and orphans, the need for an intervention is high . More and more children are orphaned due to the high mortality of their parents or be expelled because of a physical of economical disability of the family. Other children flow from rural parts of the country to the cities with the hope of earning livelihood. For this reason, the orphanage in Kumba is of great necessity. The partly finished accommodation facility is still missing most of the necessities needed to provide basic needs for the children. The children sleep on the floor and do not have access to appropriate basic health care. Once daily, they get a meal from a volunteer living in around the facility. They are left for the rest of the day to without food.

Our goal is to equip the facility with the essentials basic requirements (beds, mattresses, refrigerator, electricity, water, medical care, etc.).  Once the basic necessities (education, health promotion, regional micro -credit programs for women, etc. ) are available, the project will be expanded and perhaps to include orphans from other cities. In the future, the centre should be able to finance itself, with little external source of financial support.