Our goal is to work out that, after a kick-off support, the conditions are created, self-determined and independent alternatives to the population, which may be financed in the longer term itself .

– The living conditions of children without parents should be improved in order to offer them a perspective in life.

– The self-esteem of people in poverty and distress, especially children, should be strengthened.

– A shelter should be provider to children living on the street.

– Children and young people should be allowed an access to education.

– The social and economic situation of women should be improved.

– Facilities and equipment of basic necessities, has been in constant supply since 2003 in Kumba. Basic needs of the residents should be guaranteed.

– Education for street children in and around Kumba and in other parts of Cameroon and Central and West Africa (agriculture -ecological farming methods, carpentry, computers, crafts, etc.).

– The Facilities should be supplied with a deep well, so that constant water supply is guaranteed. This should also enable the agricultural cultivation for personal consumption.

– Health facilities (with an option for the future, set up a medical point of contact for the children): AIDS prevention, malaria, malnutrition, vaccinations, contraception, prevention, sensibility, campaigns, etc.

– A Computer room (internet cafe)

– Microcredit to enhance the independence of the local population