Unsere Projekte


Project for the Construction of an Orphanage Centre in Kumba,

South West of Cameroon. Africa.

Presentation of the Project:


The founder of this project is Jane Zeller from Kumba, Cameroon, who, comes from a Christian background of the Catholic Church, has been worried, like Mother Theressia, about the sufferings of the children and those who have either lost their parents or have been brought up in a very hard situation with nobody to support them.

This has been a disturbing problem in the Cameroonian society that needs to be addressed. For humanitarian reasons, this foundation has been set up to care for the helpless and the street children in order to support and improve their living conditions and assure them a bright future.


Basic Idea of the Project:


The basic idea of the project is to address a major problem in the society. That of rehabilitating abandoned children and orphans, so that they can become useful people in the society by becoming self-employed or employed thereby contributing to the advancement of the society.


Needs of the Concerned Beneficiaries


 The beneficiaries are the children and the local population, taking into consideration that society is an ecosystem meaning that, the life of one individual depends on the other.

Taking into consideration that children are vulnerable, meaning that they have no job and no income, their lives depends on the local population for everything. For this reason, their needs include:

–         Accommodation with water supply and electricity

–         Food (agriculture)

–         Clothing

–         Medical care

–         Education

–         Sports and recreation

–         Trade training

–         Sustainable support

–         Security (day and night-watch personnel)


Needs of the Local Population


The local population needs a source of income to assist the organization, as well as, skills and trade training with which they can impart knowledge to the young orphans and street children. Thus, giving them a bright future and improve on their standard of living to ensure continuity from the old to the young generation.


Aims and Targets of the Project:



The aim is to resolve a major social and economic problem in the society. Taking into consideration that Africa, has an emerging democracy with low income workers, poor health and sanitation, lack of pipe borne water and electricity, inadequate accommodation and lack of good roads, Africa lacks and needs almost everything that the developed world today enjoys.


The target is to address the problems confronting Africa. Africa has unfortunately entered the 21st Century with the challenges of the 20th Century which includes poverty, malnutrition, hunger and starvation. 54 years after independence, Africa still depends on its colonial masters for almost everything and independence has changed very little or nothing.


Ways and Means thro’ which the project can be realized


The project can be realized through the construction of an orphanage Centre in Barombi-Kang, Kumba, for about 100-150 orphans, and a small Secretariat to accommodate residential staff.

The project will be funded through various sources of income which includes:

–         Donations and personal contributions from individuals, groups, donor agencies, friends and well wishers.

–         Church organizations

–         Local councils

–         The Ministry of Social Affairs


Control and Supervision


There will be a Supervisory Committee that will constitute the Tender Board, and the construction work will be awarded to a tender Board by way of a Tender and payment will be done as the work progresses.

The Control and Supervisory Committee will also be in charge of the day-to-day management of the centre, account auditing and the keeping records of all transactions that will appear in the Annual Financial Report of the Organization.


The Control and Supervisory Committee will comprise of:

–         Auditors of the Executive Committee

–         Representatives of the City Council, the Kumba I Council, Church Groups and Members of the Council Society.



Time Frames according to the achievements of the Different Tasks

  • Fundraising
  •  Construction
  •  Enrollment of children
  •  Recruitment of Volunteer workers
  •  Other activities


The time Frame is subject to rectification due to unforeseen circumstances such as delay in availability of funds, receipt of pledges and other obstacles, if any.


Local Partners and Stakeholders

–         Kumba City Council

–         Kumba I Council

–         The Catholic Church

–         Ministry of Social Affairs

–         Member of Parliament for Kumba

–         Volunteers

–         Individuals of Goodwill

–         Goodwill Ambassadors

–         UNESCO