As a non -profit organization, the club ASSoF supports people in Central and West Africa. We feel responsible for our fellow human beings and take the initiative to no longer passively watch the often inhuman conditions in the south.  ASSoF is committed to human dignity, social justice, human rights and the right to education.

As the basis for our work is to satisfy the basic needs such as feeding, housing, shelter, clothing, education, labor and health. In addition, we are committed to equality, protection from exploitation, the right to security, integration and recognition and the right to a cultural identity. We want to improve the lives of children, young people and women and to give them a chance for a future. The facilities are for street children, abandoned disabled people and for orphans who have lost their parents to AIDS. We attempt  to meet the need for decent conditions and security and to assure the rights to food, health and education. The livelihoods of the various communities involved should be improved through our efforts.

The initiative of the association goes from the stakeholders of itself. We only act as a support so that the support corresponds to a real need.